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Liste prihvaćenih znanstvenih projekata
Arhiv projekta
(2002. - 2005.)
Pretraživanje arhiva
(2002. - 2005.)
Arhiv projekata
(1996. - 2002.)
Pretraživanje arhiva
Svibor (1990.-1995.)
Projekt: Biološki aktivni spojevi u nekim vrstama samoniklog i kultiviranog bilja 
Voditelj: Verica Dragović-Uzelac
Ustanova: Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet, Zagreb 
Sažetak: Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are rich in biologically active compounds (BACs) (volatiles,polyphenols,plant hormones, etc)which posses significant antioxidative, antimicrobial, etc properties. The collection of wild plants has been important for centuries and most commercially available MAPs are processed into dried herbs, essential oils or plant extracts. Mentioned herbal products have many uses in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, medicine, etc. Republic of Croatia is favourable area for cultivation many plant species but processing is not enough developed, especially production of essential oils and plant extracts by using novel extraction technology.The objectives of this project are:to determine differences in composition and quantity BACs between cultivated and wild plants (sage, thyme, chamomile, lemon balm),depending on time of harvesting,methods of drying and storage conditions before processing.Besides well-known traditional extraction methods of essential oils and plant extracts by steam distillation or organic solvents,in accordance with “green chemistry” trend would be applied methods of extraction using of alter reaction liquids (supercritical CO2 extraction)just like non-conventional energy sources (ultrasound and microwave assisted extraction).The influence of applied methods on quality of essential oils and plant extract would be investigated, too.For each extraction method and selected plant varieties would be established and developed optimal mathematical models conducting in order to achieve better quality products.The important aims of project are:to develop a simple and efficient assay methods for the extraction,isolation,identification and quantification of the BACs of the MAPs using GC-MS, NMR, HPLC with UV-VIS/DAD, FC,EC;define the quality and medical accuracy of MAPs,essential oils and plant extract;to investigate the stability of BACs during processing MAPs into essential oils and plant extracts.The overall goal of this project is to develop strategies for rational collection and cultivations of selected MAPs; processing MAPs into essential oils and plant extracts using ecologically acceptable methods to improve quality;isolation and identification novel BACs with potential to become lead phytochemicals with antiradical, antimicrobial etc activity.Further,the objective is determining the role of essential oils and plant extracts as natural food preservatives based on their antioxidant,antimicrobial,etc properties